Friday, March 9, 2012

As the seasons & time unfolds.
I began to see the revealing of stories untold.
Something that cause such imbalance i'm told.
Oh, can't a moment be hold?

Why such unrest?
Why are you distressed?
Find rest, O my soul in Christ alone!
That's what we are supposed to be prone!

Of cares, worries & woes
Of toils, labours & foes
It will be counted meaningless, yes meaningless!
If the Maker is not in the equation.

Oh yes, knowledge a many,
Thoughts overflow
But if it is not in-lined
What use would it bring?

All i could say, all i could do
Is to let go of these things i thought i know
for an exchange for what is really true
The true essence of the truth

What i have obtain, is not what is measured
But how i live my today, the now moment, instead
O God, shield me from those unfruitful thoughts
Bring me again, to the place where i can meet you face to face
That's my deepest desire anew each day.

Over to You, my Maker.
Here I am.

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